Ever played a game called Professor Layton. It requires brainstorming, and some questions are still a bit deep. I would like to share it with you guys, by the way, start a small game with you. The top 10 friends who answer correctly will receive a reward of 0.1 steem.

So let’s start with the first question, the answer and the list of winners will be announced in the next time.

There's an uninvited guest at the presentation , but the guard's received a few clues as to his whereabouts.

"His table is adjacent to one that has a red flower on it .

His tablecloth is a different colour to any adjacent table's.

Oh, and his table doesn't have a yellow flower on it ."

"Adjacent" tables are connected by dotted lines. Pls tell me which one is the correct one .

以前玩過一個游戲---雷頓教授,是需要動腦子的,有些題還是有點深度的。想要分享給大家,順便搞個小活動,前10名答對的朋友仔會收到0.1 steem的獎勵。