The SP delegation pool has broken through 700K in 13 days after Nutbox launched. This great achievement comes from the trusts and the supports of our community. As stated in the Nutbox document (, Nutbox is a decentralized organization born from a community, and DAO governance is its soul.


Today, we are excited to announce that Nutbox Proposal System (NPS) of Nutbox.DAO operates from now on. After the Steem Proposal System (SPS) had to be suspended, development in the community is slowly weakening. We hope to use Nutbox's meager power to promote the development and operation of the Steem community.

今天,我们兴奋地宣布,Nutbox开启Nutbox.DAO——Nutbox Proposal System(简称NPS)。在Steem Proposal System(SPS)不得不暂停后,社区里的开发在慢慢减弱,我们希望用Nutbox一点微薄的力量,推动Steem社区的开发及运营。

Decentralization and sustainable development【 权力下放与可持续发展 】

For the long-term sustainability and growth of the Nutbox ecosystem, it is important to have a decentralized mechanism to encourage the development of the project, which will add long-term value to Nutbox. These projects can be in the form of development, marketing, operation and ect.


We design Nutbox.DAO using the experience of SPS and utopian as reference. The system should allow Nutbox stakeholders to allocate resources for the projects that create great values to the Nutbox community, so as to benefit all Nutbox stakeholders. Nutbox.DAO can be imagined as a decentralized rocket accelerator that can inject fuel into high-potential projects making sure that they can fly. The fuel includes the fund from nutbox.dao, as well as part of the upvotes of nutbox.mine.


NutboxDAO / NPS

Nutbox.DAO is the core of Nutbox, and NPS is a governance structure of Nutbox, which allows Nutbox users to publicly propose the their work for the community in exchange for compensation. Nutbox users can vote on these proposals in a similar way to SPS voting. Users use upvote or downvote to vote, and NPS uses PNUT / TRX Pool Tokens (LP Tokens) weighting to calculate voting results. The operation process of NPS is as follows:

Nutbox.DAO是Nutbox的核心,而NPS是基于Nutbox的概念,它允许Nutbox用户公开提出他们愿意为社区做的工作以换取酬劳。Nutbox用户可以类似SPS投票的方式对这些提案进行投票,用户使用 PNUT / TRX Pool Tokens(简称LP Tokens)投票,NPS采用股权加权计算投票结果。NPS运转流程如下:

  • Proposal writing: Any nutbox community member who has delegated more than 1000SP is qualified to write a proposal on Steem and submit the proposal to Nutbox.DAO;
    • The proposal must includes:
      • background
      • abstract
      • benefits to the community
      • the schedule of funding plan and project plan
      • team and etc.
    • Need to add #nutbox.dao tag
    • Need to declare your proposal by sending 10 STEEM to @nutbox.dao. In addition, please leave your proposal address in the memo.
    • NOTICE: that a qualified proposal needs a submmition by a member with more than 1000 SP Nutbox delegation, and the proposal address must be valid.
    • The application fund is calculated and distributed in PNUT, supported by nutbox.dao fund.
  • 提案撰写:任何代理超过1000SP的nutbox社区成员都可以在任意Steem前端上撰写提案,向Nutbox.DAO提交提案;
    • 提案必备内容
      • 背景
      • 摘要
      • 对社区的益处
      • 资金使用计划及项目节点
      • 团队
    • 提案要求
      • 需添加 #nutbox.dao 标签
      • 提交议案后,需向 @nutbox.dao转账 10 STEEM,并在memo中附言您的提案链接
    • 合格申请人要求
      • 代理超过1000 SP的Nutbox社区成员才有资格提交议案
      • 提案链接为有效链接
    • 申请资金为 PNUT,由nutbox.dao基金提供支持
  • Proposal pre-review: Any proposal needs to be pre-reviewed by the Nutbox.DAO committee;
    • Nutbox.DAO will check the qualifications of all proposal application in 24 hours. The applicants of qualified proposal will receive the refund of 10 STEEM.
    • The STEEM from the applicant who violates the rules will not be returned and will be directly transferred to nutbox.mine
    • The qualified proposal will be repost by Nutbox.dao.
    • The quanlified proposals will appear in the Nutbox daily report the next day, and the post will be forwarded by nutbox
  • 提案预审:Nutbox.DAO 24小时内会预审您的提案申请人资质,任何提案需Nutbox.DAO预审方有效;
    • 通过预审的提案申请人将收到10 STEEM的返还,不合格申请人将不予返还
    • @nutbox.dao会第一时间转发通过预审的提案
    • 次日Nutbox日报会列出前一日预审通过的提案
  • Proposal voting: Once the proposal is published, nutbox community members can start voting the proposal by using upvote or downvote rights:
    • Voting weight is linear positively related to the number of LP Tokens of nutbox users.
    • Upvote means approval, downvote hints disapproval.
    • Every proposal last 7 days.
  • 提案投票:提案一经发布,nutbox社区成员即可在提案帖下开始投票
    • 投票权重与nutbox用户的 LP Tokens 数量正相关。
    • 对提案帖点赞表示投赞成票,点踩表示投反对票。
    • 投票时间为7天。
  • Proposal announcement: After the voting is over, Nutbox will announce the results of the voting.
    • In general, the result of proposals will be posted every Monday or Friday.
    • If the LP Tokens minus the LP Tokens downvotes exceed 10% of total LP Tokens, proposal will pass.
    • Early proposals must get upvote from nutbox.dao before they can pass.
      • nutbox.dao's will is generated by Nutbox.DAO committee voting.
  • 提案公布:投票结束,Nutbox通过@nutbox将投票结果进行公布
    • 一般情况,nutbox.dao每周一、周五公布提案投票结果
    • (赞成投票 LP Tokens - 反对投票 LP Tokens)需大于10%总 LP Tokens,提案方可通过
    • 早期提案需得到nutbox.dao投票方可通过
      • nutbox.dao由Nutbox.DAO委员会代表社区进行投票。
  • Proposal execution: Before auto-NPS is developed, Nutbox.DAO will distribute fund in three steps:
    • According to the project schedule, the fund will be paid three times when the project is operating.
    • Every time, the project will be assessed by Nutbox.DAO whether the project plan are fully realised. If the assessment is passed, the project will get 30%, 30%, and 40% of the total fund each time.
  • 提案执行:自动提案系统没出来前,Nutbox.DAO根据执行情况分三个阶段发放PNUT资金
    • 根据提案规划的节点,将执行划分为前、中、后三个时间节点
    • 每个时间节点结束,Nutbox.DAO委员会评估提案执行情况,通过评估则发放支持资金,按照 30%、30%、40%次序发放

Our NPS is an Minimum Viable Product, and we intend to continue to improve it over time. NPS's first batch of priority which support proposal voting system-upgraded version, curatorial system, etc. will greatly promote the development of Nutbox development projects. If you are a developer willing to help us, you can contact us form Wechat or Discord freely.

我们的提案投票系统是一个MVP(最小可行产品),我们打算随着时间的推移不断改进。NPS第一批优先支持 提案投票系统 - 升级版、策展系统 等将大大推进Nutbox发展的开发项目。如果您是愿意帮助改进的开发人员,可以随时与我们联系。

As soon as you provide PNUT/TRX liquidity, you will be rewarded LP tokens. Details is in the graphs below:

一旦您为Justswap上 PNUT / TRX提供流动性,您就可以获取LP Tokens,详细见下图。

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