Nutbox is committed to becoming the Y Combinator of the Steem community!

Nutbox致力于成为Steem社区的Y Combinator!

In order to incubate Dapps in the community We use the Steem Power (SP) delegation mechanism to raise SP from the Steem community. We hope Nutbox can become an incubation platform based on Steem, and we look forward to your joining us to achieve the incubator goal together.

我们利用Steem Power(SP)代理挖矿机制,在Steem社区筹集SP用于孵化社区里的Dapp,希望Nutbox能成为基于Steem的孵化平台,也期待你加入我们,一起完成孵化器愿景。

【 WK 46 】

Nutbox delegation review | Nutbox 代理速览

The scale of Nutbox delegation pool is expanding to 1,069,570 SP, which comes from 89 delegatees. Nutbox is owned by every delegatee and Nutbox’s liability holder. If you delegate your SP to Nutbox, you will get PEANUT. For detailed distribution rules, please refer to the Nutbox document:

Nutbox现有代理成员 89 位,合记有效SP总数 1,069,570 SP。Nutbox为代理成员所有,代理给Nutbox将获得PEANUT,详细分发规则可参考Nutbox文档:

Nutbox website【Notbox网址】:

Delegation manual【代理教程】:

WhereIN【 WK 46 】Lucky Stars Revealed | 幸运星揭榜

In order to motivate everyone to share high-quality contents, WhereIN launched the "" Weekly Discovery" Lucky Star" event, lucky stars can get high ratio upvotes from @cnstm and @wherein!


Reminder: WhereIN is a sharing platform, multiple pictures or long content will increase the probability of being rewarded as lucky stars! Hurry up and join WhereIN right now! (You can download the experience on

温馨提示:WhereIN是一个注重分享的平台,多图或者长内容将增加获得幸运星的概率哦!大家赶快踊跃加入WhereIN吧!(大家可在 上下载体验)

Congratulations to the following friends for winning the WhereIN " Weekly Discovery" lucky star on November 06

恭喜以下小伙伴获得 WK 46 日WhereIN「每周发现」幸运之星

@chenss123 |  种草三浮


@a9876 |  又到银杏叶黄时


@littlesun19 | 这世界好美


Every moment of a sharing is a confession to your life. it may be like a cup of Americano, which is bitter but fragrant, or like a piece of tiramisu, your lips and teeth are scented. WhereIN looks forward to your confession!


Cnstm Review | Cnstm 代理速览

Cnstm currently has 64 delegation members, with a total 19079.42   effective SP. A full upvote is worth 0.90 USD.

Cnstm现有代理成员64位,合计有效SP总数 19079.42   SP, 点赞价值0.90美金。

Cnstm is owned and shared by all delegation members. It adopts a workload proof mechanism to issue tokens just like BTC. So far 5,328,000 ,tokens have been issued, and the final total number of tokens is expected to be 21 million. 

Cnstm为代理成员所有,全员共享,采取类似BTC工作量证明机制进行令牌发放,目前已发放令牌 5,328,000 个,预计最终令牌总数2100万个。

Cnstm supports the STEEM Chinese community projects and has supported WhereIN. Cnstm members will also share part of the rights and interests of WhereIIN.


Please click the link below to view the tokens to be issued by Cnstm【 Cnstm待发放令牌请点击下方链接查看 】

In addition to sharing all the equity of Cnstm, the delegation members will also receive Cnstm daily dividends (up to 9% annual interest rate) and 12 X upvote. Come and support Cnstm!


Please add cnstm's WeChat (WeChat: cnsteem) and contact us without hesitation.



Please vote for our witness smt-wherein【 请给我们的见证人smt-wherein投票 】: