首先,我们想借此机会对Steemit.Inc让我们成为社区策展人表示感谢。尽管不是直接授权,但500K SP的支持是一个开始,我们对此标识非常感谢,这将在许多方面为我们社区提供帮助。

First of all, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude towards Steemit Inc offering opportunity to become community curator. 500,000SP is a beginning, despite it was not a direct delegation, but we are grateful for such gesture and we will be able to helped our community in many ways.

过去的几周中,我们一直与世界各地的WhereIN社区协调许多不同类型的项目、活动和加入计划。现在,我们不仅拥有中文内容,而且还开始看到利用我们平台发布带#steem #blockchain的英文博客内容。

Over the past few weeks, we have been lining up with many different types of projects, activities and onboarding program with Wherein communities worldwide. Not only we have Chinese content now, we also started to see English blogger make use of our platform via #steem #blockchain.


Over the past one week, we have not been hosting much activities, but mostly focusing in building up community strength. We note that there are some difficult situations between Steemit Inc and outsider, we are trying to not involve in such situation. We have been trying to salvage use by getting our curation team on their feet, to ensure engagement with our users. 


Our curation team now grows to 12 person, and each individual are being properly selected with a clean and reputable background. Small portion of them are new because we wanted new blood in the team. Sometimes we need fresh ideas, where the new comer may just come up with ideas that can change the game.


With the new curation program, we’ve been able to spread the votes to more users at a fair rate. Our algorithm may not be the most neutral, but certainly we’re adapting individuals within the community, and continuously fine tuning to avoid bias. At the same time, curators will be able to discover outstanding content.


On a side note, this is one of the thing we would like to highlight to the officials of Steemit Inc. We have been able to salvage some users from the other blockchain, by encouraging them to post unique content in STEEM blockchain ONLY. Which is a good news. We can’t stop anyone from cross posting, but we can encourage them to post genuine content to our blockchain. So far, this has been working pretty well. We have been also manually leaving comment to users to encourage to avoid cross posting similar material to “the other” blockchain.

然而,也有一些不好的情况,有些用户因为作品收益的事离开了。我们绝对不会对此标识反对,用户可以自由选择,既然选择收入而离开的,我们也沒有必要用收入来留住人心。除了少数情况,我们为了鼓励用户使用 #steem #blockchain发表文章,有意进行了几次点赞也成功留住了几位在“另一个”区块链的博主。到目前为止,我们只对独特的内容进行点赞。我们期待能得到SteemitInc更大的SP权重代理,以便我们进一步拓展和影响用户。

However, it is also sad to learn that some users are being let off because of the payout. We have absolutely nothing against that, users got a choice and that’s what they’ve chosen. So far, we’ve been upvoting only unique content, other than a few occasions that we purposely did a few upvotes for the purpose of encouragement for users to stay with us in #steem #blockchain. We will be looking forward on an even bigger delegation from Steemit Inc so we can expand further.

我们要特别强调的一个事情是,由我们非常有名的@xiaoshancun举办的“初恋”活动,这是一项写作比赛活动,为了让每个人回忆过去美好时光,去回想起他们的初恋。在一周的协作活动,有17名参与者参加活动。那些用#steem发表独特内容的人,获得了我们的点赞。参赛者也从活动主办人哪里得到了STEEM奖励,这些奖励来自@deanliu @rivalhw @bring,还有@xiaoshancun本人。我们非常感谢有这样的贡献者举办如此有意义的活动。详情请阅读这里:https://steemit.com/wherein/@xiaoshancun/wherein-1590013774980

One special event we would like to highlight, it was the First Love event hosted by one of our very reputable @xiaoshancun, a writing contest activity that gets everybody back to their good old days, reminding them of their first love. For over a week of writing activities, we managed to scout up to 17 participants. Those whom uniquely posted their work with #steem, has been awarded with upvotes. And all contestants has received their liquid #steem reward from the host. Especially thanks to all the sponsors, and they are none other than @deanliu @rivalhw@bring and ofcourse @xiaoshancun himself. We are really grateful for such contributor in hosting such meaningful event. If you have not read the closing and compilation, here’s the link for reference. https://steemit.com/wherein/@xiaoshancun/wherein-1590013774980

成为社区策展人并非易事,这是充满挑战的事情,但看到社区不断发展令我们非常满足。 话虽如此,发展社区并不是最困难的部分,众所周知,留存对于社交媒体而言都是最大的挑战。权力越大,责任就越大。 我们希望我们能获得更多的力量来建立一个社区,使其他区块链永远不会影响我们的用户,不仅选择与#steem合作,而且在#wherein和#steem#blockchain中与我们一起成长。

It wasn’t easy to be a community curator, it’s challenging but certainly satisfying to see the community grow. That being said, growing a community is not the hardest part, retention is the greatest pain for all social media as we all know. Having said that, bigger power came bigger responsibility. We hope we will be bless with even more power to build a community that no other blockchain will ever influence our user, not only choose to work with #steem, grow with us in #wherein and #steem#blockchain.



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