After the launch, has received great responses from Steem community. Nutbox.mine has collected more than 230k SP delegation. Meanwhile, the PNUT-TRX trade pair is displayed on Justswap, which indicates the value of PNUT, and provides liquidity to Nutbox assets holders.

The PNUT is an asset backed token, which is supported by the return of The PNUT price will be supported through Nutbox's repurchase behavior, when the whole PNUT price is less than the amount of capital pool which holds.

PNUT has some angel fund characters. As the first Dapp incubator on Steem, Nutbox collects financial support from the Steem community through SP delegation mechanism. Unlike other SP delegation platforms, the 10% of the curation return will be used to foster good Dapp projects. In return, we require those projects to feed back our economic ecosystem after they have matured. In another word, those good Dapp may provide Nutbox extra cash flow, which will become a part of the capital pool.

People delegate their SP through and get Peanut (PNUT) in return, which process is under smart contract control. Just like the other delegation platform, we will also thumb up those articles written by our delegatees. The rest of curation income will also become the rest of the capital pool.
Right now, the APY of SP delegation on Nutbox is approximate 580%.

The Peanut is released according to the block generation on Tron:
0 - 1000000 block,20 PNUT / block
1000001 - 10000000block,10 PNUT / block
10000001 - 20000000block,5 PNUT / block
20000001 - 30000000block,2.5 PNUT / block
30000001 - block,1.25 PNUT /block

Please support us to build a better ecosystem on Steem, support those great developers and their projects. We can enjoy a long term wealth growth together and get worship as sponsors of the Steem ecosystem together.
If you want to learn more detail, please follow the links below:

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Facebook:@nutbox dao

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nutbox.io昨天上线后,获得了社区的热烈反响,目前nutbox.mine得到了226K SP的代理。社区还为justswap交易所上的 PNUT / TRX 提供了流动性,正式开启了PEANUT(简称PNUT)的交易<>。

Nutbox定位于Steem上Dapp的孵化器,在社区筹集资金,以对社区里优质的Dapp进行早期培育。在nutbox.io上代理SP,代理人将按代理的时间获得 PEANUT(简称 PNUT) ,这一切通过智能合约实现。代理人除了收到 PNUT 的奖励外,其发帖亦将得到 nutbox.mine 的超额点赞支持,这与以往Steem上SP代理平台类似。


  • 0 - 1000000区块,20 PNUT / 区块
  • 1000001 - 10000000区块,10 PNUT / 区块
  • 10000001 - 20000000区块,5 PNUT / 区块
  • 20000001 - 30000000区块,2.5 PNUT / 区块
  • 30000001 - 区块,1.25 PNUT / 区块

PNUT的价值除了由 nutbox.mine 获得的策展收益支撑外,nutbox还将从 Steem Dapp的投资孵化中取得回报,这些回报对PNUT的支撑将远远大于策展收益对PNUT的支撑。就这方面而言,你可以把 nutbox 看做是Steem上的天使投资基金,PNUT持有者是这支基金的所有者。

另外一方面,代理SP获得PNUT会为你带来直接的收益。以目前justswap上 PNUT / TRX 的交易价格及PNUT目前挖矿速率来计算,目前的代理SP年化投资回报率为 580%。